BLACKFABRIC participates in the Padel World Summit in Málaga

Last May 21st, Blackfabric had the honor of participating in the Padel World Summit held at FYCMA in Málaga, a prominent event that brought together leading companies in the sector worldwide. The fair, organized by the International Padel Cluster, is being held from May 21 to 23, 2024, featuring over 3,000 participants spread across 140 exhibitors in a 15,000 square meter space.

Central courts at the Padel World Summit

Debate on sustainability in the padel industry

On the first day of the fair, Marina Ginestà, Blackfabric’s product director, participated in the round table titled “Is padel a sustainable industry?” in the main auditorium. The present and future of sustainability in padel were discussed with Emilio Risques (co-founder of the Mothertrees) and Mª Eugenia Rodriguez (director of technological development at Eurecat). This session was a unique opportunity to exchange ideas and strategies on how to move towards more sustainable practices in the manufacturing and distribution of padel equipment.

Marina Ginestà’s participation in the roundtable

New projects, new hopes

In addition to coaching sessions, round tables, and speeches, the World Padel Summit offers an exclusive space for networking, allowing Blackfabric to connect with manufacturers, entrepreneurs, and investors. These interactions have opened doors to new projects and collaborations, reaffirming our company’s commitment to innovation and sustainable development within the padel industry.

blackfabric world padel summit
blackfabric en padelworld

Networking with the main paddle racket manufacturers

Blackfabric and the sport of padel continue to pave the way together

carbonfabric padelworld

Blackfabric representatives at the fair

Participating in this event has not only been a great platform to showcase our products and services but also to establish lasting relationships with other professionals in the sector. We eagerly anticipate the future opportunities that will arise from this enriching experience.

Blackfabric looks forward to the future opportunities that arise from this enriching experience.

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