Blackfabric’s #Bioprepreg in EuroBoosTEX

In an era where sustainability is not just a preference but a necessity, the textile industry faces significant challenges to adapt and innovate. EuroBoosTEX, a project co-funded by the European Union, exemplifies the power of collaborative innovation in the textile industry. This project, was designed to bolster the European textile sector’s digital and green transition, receiving substantial support to realize its ambitious goals. The EuroBoosTEX project, spearheaded by Texfire’s Blackfabric division, represents a monumental step forward. Aimed at revolutionizing the composites industry, this initiative has successfully developed a 100% bio-based and fully biodegradable fabric, utilizing natural flax fibers and PLA polymer. This breakthrough paves the way for a more sustainable future, significantly reducing the environmental footprint of traditional carbon fiber materials.


The EuroBoosTEX project was not just ambitious in its environmental goals but also in its technical achievements. The initiative’s success in creating a bio-based thermoplastic prepreg is a testament to the meticulous research and development process. By combining flax fibers with PLA polymer film, the project team overcame numerous technical challenges, ultimately producing a material with promising applications in industries committed to sustainability, such as automotive and aerospace.


Bioprepreg fabric


Impact and Market Potential: The implications of this innovation extend far beyond the environmental benefits. With its zero CO2 emission feature and complete recyclability, the newly developed material offers a significant value proposition in a market increasingly sensitive to sustainability. Moreover, the natural aesthetics of the material enhance its appeal, ensuring transparency and building consumer trust. The project anticipates a substantial growth potential, projecting an impact that could lead to a sales increase of 10% by 2025, underlining the increasing market receptiveness to eco-friendly solutions.


Consolidated sheet of Bioprepreg


The successful conclusion of the EuroBoosTEX project is not merely an endpoint but a beacon for future endeavors in sustainable material science. As we move towards commercialization, the focus now shifts to scaling up the industrial process and validating the material for broader applications. This venture into sustainable material development stands as a clear indicator of the textile industry’s capacity for innovation and its pivotal role in the green transition.

The EuroBoosTEX project is a remarkable achievement that sets a new benchmark in the composites industry. By developing a sustainable bio-based material, Blackfabric demonstrates an unwavering commitment to innovation and environmental stewardship. As we look to the future, this project not only represents a significant stride towards sustainability but also heralds a new era of possibilities for the textile industry. Stay tuned as we continue to weave the fabric of the future, one sustainable thread at a time.

Deep appreciation is extended to AEI Tèxtils, for its support throughout the EuroBoosTEX project. The expertise and guidance provided by AEI Tèxtils have been crucial to the success of the project, contributing significantly towards the advancement of a more sustainable future.


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