Stabilized fabrics; easy handling fabrics

Dry carbon fabrics are not easy to handle and untie pretty easily once you manipulate them. Therefore, Blackfabric manufactures stabilized fabrics; dry fabrics with a stabilizing veil in one side that fix the fabric providing easy handling and cutting, reducing fabric waste due to fiber detachment and loosed yarns.

12k web

12k carbon fabric with a stabilizing veil

The lamination is done with Blackfabric’s inhouse industrial calender. A copolyamide web is laminated into one fabric surface. This process does not damage the fabric because it is done at low temperature due to the copolyamide veil melting temperature being around 100-120ºC. This light veil supposes approximately 2% of the fabric areal weight and does not affect the fabric performance in its future applications.

3k web

3k carbon fabric with a stabilizing veil

Blackfabric provides a wide selection of fabrics. Its bonding plant allows laminating fabrics up to 1,5 meters wide. Moreover, it provides customized solutions; if the customer needs a specific web for a specific reinforcement fabric, Blackfabric is ready to develop and manufacture it.

Blackfabric develops and produces customized fabrics for technical applications

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