Shaping the Future with BFlex: The Carbon Fiber/ bioPA fabric without limits

At the forefront of composite material advancements, the BFlex B23-002 fabric from Blackfabric emerges as a beacon of innovation, blending unparalleled technical features with environmental consciousness. This fabric is woven with an outstanding flexible spread tows already embedded with a thermoplastic bio-based matrix. It stands a solution that addresses the growing demand of high-performance composites featuring intricate geometries, concurrently reducing production timelines.

The spread tow tapes blackfabric

Key to Success: The spread tow tapes

The fabric’s success lies in its raw material, meticulously crafted with a unique blend of carbon and bio-based polyamide, intricately woven along a highly flexible 16mm wide spread tow. This construction facilitates a flat and parallel distribution of fibers, optimizing layer-to-layer contact and minimizing undesired delaminations, thereby simplifying the impregnation process of the thermoplastic matrix.


Lightweight with High Performance

Weighing in at just 300gsm while integrating 50% carbon fiber and 50% polymer matrix, the B23-002 fabric offers an optimal balance of lightness and strength. This attribute is particularly beneficial in the automotive and sports sectors, where reducing weight can significantly enhance efficiency and performance. In automotive applications, for example, lighter materials contribute to better fuel efficiency and lower emissions, while in sports, they can improve the speed and agility of equipment and apparel. For more detailed technical information and to download the datasheet, please visit B23-002.

Complex designs

The distinguishing characteristic of the BFlexTM is its notable flexibility, which greatly expands its range of applications. In contrast to conventional impregnated tape fabrics that tend to be rigid, this fabric’s unique tapes provide it with flexibility, allowing it to drape and mold around complex shapes and geometries effectively. This feature makes it an optimal choice for innovative designs.

carbon fiber paddle
carbon fiber arc

Improvements in Production and Quality

The B23-002 fabric distinguishes itself with its impeccable surface quality straight out of the press following a rapid thermoforming process with a final thickness of 0,16mm (1 layer). Its flawless finish and the absence of porosity mean that components made from this fabric require no further treatment, saving time and resources in manufacturing. The wide square weave not only contributes to the material’s aesthetic appeal but also signifies its technical superiority, making it an attractive option for visible parts in cars, trains, and high-end sports equipment.

Thanks to Blackfabric experience in the weaving of flat tapes and our specialized machinery, is possible to industrially produce this fabric with ease following the necessary client specifications with widths starting from 1 meter.

telar textil blackfabric

Improvements in Production and Quality

The BFlex environmental sustainability underscores its relevance within the increasingly eco-conscious automotive and sports industries. Beyond meeting technical specifications, it represents a tangible step towards achieving sustainability objectives.

Its thermoplastic bio-based matrix positions it as a prime choice for those seeking greener composite solutions. Notably, this matrix enables the separate recycling of fibers and reinforcements, enhancing the fabric’s recyclability. Additionally, the fabric’s capacity for reshaping offers further contributions to environmental sustainability.

This B23-002 fabric embodies the convergence of performance, aesthetics, and environmental responsibility, setting a new standard for what composite materials can achieve. It signifies not just a step forward in material science but a leap towards a more sustainable and innovative future in multiple industries.

Check out BFlex and other innovative spread-tow fabrics for composite materials on this link.

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